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Are you starved for the ideal department? In order to make the students know more about our school, the seminar was specially held and the teachers of the faculty attended the seminar. Besides the pre-exam explanations, there was also time to meet with faculty teachers to understand the characteristics and advantages of the faculty more

Selection of admission

What we want is not a reading machine, as long as the students who are really interested in designing and drawing are suitable for our department students! So have a clear plan and idea of ​​their own future, know what they want to welcome students to push us. more

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Congratulations on the gold list, you are welcome to become part of us more more

Admissions alone

ant to attend the four-day technical department, and has participated in four technical secondary school entrance exam test candidates. Enrollment Qualifications ● Higher or recent fresh graduates. ● Integrated high school fresh or non-fresh graduates. ● ordinary high school non-graduates. ● Other applicants who qualify for the four academic qualifications equivalent to the four technical qualifications. more

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Future learning content

The Department of commercial design to cultivate innovative entrepreneurship design, digital illustration, image processing, advertising, packaging, display, web advertising, APP maps, micro-film and other talent more



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Multimedia Design, Advertisement, Commercial Design, Web Design, Clothing and Purse Design, Exhibition Design, Industrial and Package Design. more

Product Planning

Product Planning and Developing, Media Planning, Publishing Planning, Game Planning and Marketing.more

Communication and Arts

TV and Radio Program Producing, Photographer, Video and Audio Production.more


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Full Time Faculty



Department Director
Hsu, Shih-Fang
Associate Professor
Design painting, design performance techniques, illustration applications, picture books, design aesthetics



Art Director
Hsu, Wen-Rong
Modern ink techniques, design art management, plastic art techniques



Gao, Rui-zhen
Assistant Professor
Product design, cultural product design, creative thinking, packaging design, green design, thematic design



Du, ya-Wen
Assistant Professor
Product design, cultural product design, creative thinking, packaging design, green design, thematic design



Lin, Rui-lin
Associate Professor
Creative Thinking and Methods, Graphic Composition, Portfolio, Design Marketing, Graduation Design



Huang, Chieh-Ju
Computer Skills: Computer graphics design, film and television production, music and sound system Academic expertise: service design, design education, digital learning, creative thinking Teaching specialty: innovative product design, information design, creative design, multimedia animation design, Mirror design, film and television production, website planning, web design, design project management


Li, Chia-Hao
Associate Professor (Technical)
Image compositing, Web site development, Web design, 3D MAX game character scene production, 3D MAX animation, Digital editing Premiere Pro, Nonlinear editing system After Effects video editing system



Liu, Jin-Chang
Assistant professor
Design photography, brand image strategy design, illustrator picture creation, brand marketing, product planning and packaging design, advertising design, advertising copy, creative thinking




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